“The Flowers Are Still Standing” by Mark Englert

And so it begins. Gallery1988 opens up their traveling art show to celebrate the 30th anniversary of Ghostbusters starting in New York tonight, Friday April 19th at 69 Leonard St. in New York City. They will have their opening reception from 7-10 PM, then be open every day through the 26th, even Easter, from 11-7 PM. Afterwards it’s to Los Angeles, then Chicago, and concluding at the San Diego Comic Con.
See full details here: http://ghostbusters30th.com/

To open up their online sales, they debut with Mark Englert’s excellent “The Flowers Are Still Standing” print. It is a 20″ x 30″ 6-color Screenprint w/ GID inks and cost $40. Around 150-200 will be made available per city & online.
On sale Saturday, April 19th at 11am Eastern (8am PDT) HERE.

englert the flowers are still standing

“The Flowers Are Still Standing” by Mark Englert. 20″ x 30″ 6-color Screenprint. Limited edition. $40

Image in the dark

Image in the dark

3 thoughts on ““The Flowers Are Still Standing” by Mark Englert

  1. I was lucky enough to be in nyc volunteering for my service dog organization and bought this print. It is beyond spectacular. Ghostbusters saved my life as a kid. I wanted to kill myself because of being molested and i got into ghostbusters and i felt just as strong as them. This picture is something so special and you sir are super talented. I wanted the 8 color but it was sold out but the 6 is just as great. I am a fan of your work for life!! I wish i had money for you to paint my service dog.

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