Mark Henson art discs

Portland disc golf has put together another limited edition high quality art disc fundraiser project. In the past Mike Suchocki ( has organized discs with the art of Emek, Chuck Sperry, and Marq Spusta. This one comes from a painting done by Mark Henson Called Tree Incarnation. Mark Henson has been creating vibrant colorful oil paintings for decades.

There are three sizes of this art disc manufactured by the best in the full color disc business, Discraft. There is a mini disc, 4.5 inches in diameter, a Buzzz golf disc, 8.5 inches in diameter, and an Ultra-Star freestyle ultimate disc 10.75 inches in diameter great for playing catch. Each disc is hand signed and numbered by Mark Henson. Only 50 of each size was made. These discs are ready to hang as is, or they can be framed.

The prices for these discs with no additional charges for shipping are; $42 for a Buzzz or Ultra-Star, $10 for a Mini Disc. On sale now HERE.

Mark Henson art discs

Mark Henson art discs 2

Mark Henson art discs 3

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