“Psychameleon 4.0” by Shane Turner

Shane Turner will have a new print available soon titled, “Psychameleon 4.0” via Graffiti Prints. It is a 70 x 50cm 1-color Screenprint with spot varnish over drips then hand painted in acrylics on top making the paint between 2mm & 4mm think on the paper. 6 colorways available, one of each available, and cost £300 ($510) each.
On sale Thursday, June 26th at 3pm UK time (7am PDT) HERE.

turner Psychameleon 4.0 black primary

“Psychameleon 4.0” by Shane Turner. 70 x 50cm Screenprint/Acrylic. Ed of 1. £300 ($510) (Black Primary)

turner Psychameleon 4.0 sky blue

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