“Pearl Jam – Milton Keynes, UK 2014” by Brad Klausen

Brad Klausen will have “Pearl Jam – Milton Keynes, UK 2014″ gig posters available soon. It is a 10.83″ x 28” 6-color Screenprint, limited edition of 200, and cost $60.
On sale Saturday, July 12th at 8am PDT HERE.

klausen Pearl Jam - Milton Keynes, UK 2014

“Pearl Jam – Milton Keynes, UK 2014″ by Brad Klausen. 10.83″ x 28” 6-color Screenprint. Ed of 200. $60

***Note that there is a Version A (darker in color) and a Version B (lighter). There are 100 each of them and will be available. You can only purchase ONE total, not both.

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