The Chimera Collection by Rob Loukotka

Rob Loukotka (Fringe Focus) has a new print available titled, ‘The Chimera Collection’. It’s a pretty original concept so I’ll leave it to the artist to explain it best:

I’ve illustrated four heads, four bodies, and four sets of legs. You can frame any 3 prints together to create your own Chimera. Be creative! You mix and match, and I’ll ship your chosen prints to you! Click arrows on the Chimera Creator above to swap heads, bodies, and legs. Limited Edition: Each of the 12 Chimera parts is limited to just 100 prints. That’s it!

On sale now HERE.

Loukotka the chimera collection

12 Screen Prints
Limited Edition: 100 each
Size: 6 x 6″ each (6 x 18″ together)
Paper: 100C French Paper
Colors: 4 ink colors
Signed & Numbered: Rob Loukotka (on the back)

Price: $45 per Chimera ($15 per print)
$84 for 2 Chimeras (6 prints)
$150 for 4 Chimeras (all 12 prints)

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