The Poster Posse launches a brand new website and officially collaborates with Disney Animation for the release of Big Hero 6

Initially featured in, Poster Posse recently launched a brand new website that features links to all their artists, their past projects, along with news and exclusive reveals about their members. PP is a huge collaborative creative effort that tackles artwork for upcoming movies and it’s great to see them stretch their legs with a great looking new website, check them out at

On top of that, they are officially working with Disney Animation on the promotion of their upcoming animated feature, “Big Hero 6.” they released Phase one of the project and will be releasing additional Phases each week up to the movie’s release on November 7th. Here is a link to their Phase 1 release:

pp WITH_RATINGkaz-oomoriBH6_new2-11

pp Khoa-Big-Hero-6-v2

pp Orlando_Arocena_-BH6

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