“Chrysopeleia” by Jeremy Beswick

The 3rd print in a 5-print ‘Gods & Goddesses’ series by Jeremy Beswick is “Chrysopeleia” and will be available soon via Intrinsic Editions. It is a 16″ x 22″ Giclee extensively hand-finished with 19c gold acrylic ink, signed/numbered edition of 12, and cost $225.

For the next month, each week they will have a new print available, with the final week being a diptych set of prints.
“Eidyia” goes on sale Thursday, October 1st at 8am PDT HERE.

**See the creation process of the original graphite piece HERE

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“Chrysopeleia” by Jeremy Beswick. 16″ x 22″ Giclee w/ 19c gold hand-finished paint. Ed of 12 S/N. $225

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Chrysopeleia (/ˌkrɪsɵpɨˈliːə/; Greek Χρυσοπέλεια) was a Hamadryad nymph. A hamadryad who was one day in great danger, as the oak-tree which she inhabited was undermined by a mountain torrent. Arcas, who was hunting in the neighbourhood, discovered her situation, led the torrent in another direction, and secured the tree by a dam. Chrysopeleia became by Arcas the mother of Elatus and Apheidas.

Artist Website: http://www.studio600art.co.uk/
Artist Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Jeremy-Beswick-Studio600art-107474462652245/timeline/

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