“Goonies” by Tyler Stout (Lottery sale)

Tyler Stout is holding a lottery sale of his “Goonies” movie poster. GOOD LUCK!



How to enter:

Email your Name and Shipping Address to tstoutposter@gmail.com by 1PM PST Tuesday, November 24th, PST. —- you can put Goonies in the subject line, or leave it blank.

1. Only submit your name once, via email. your address must be your paypal shipping address. Make sure the address you submit is your shipping address. If you get chosen and try to change the address, we’ll assume you’ve submitted many entries under multiple addresses and you’ll be disqualified.

2. If your name is submitted more than once, you’ll be disqualified from being picked. If your address is submitted more than once, you’ll be disqualified.

3. If you purchase under a different name than the name you submitted, you’ll be refunded and disqualified. If you are not picked at all, yet someone gives you a link and you purchase the poster, you’ll be refunded and disqualified. Sarah checks each order as it comes in, and refunds those not picked.

– if you’re picked, you can choose to purchase either the regular or the variant (as long as copies are available). You cannot purchase both. If you do, you’ll be refunded on both.

Posters will be $65 for the regular, $110 for the variant. Plus shipping.

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