“Goliath” by Josh Keyes

Josh Keyes will have a new print available soon via Thinkspace Gallery.
On sale Friday, June 10th at 10am PDT HERE.

"Goliath" by Josh Keyes.  18" x 18" Giclee.  Ed of 300 S/N.  $250

“Goliath” by Josh Keyes. 18″ x 18″ Giclee. Ed of 300 S/N. $250

**A portion of the proceeds will be donated to Born Free USA (www.bornfreeusa.org) to help save the world’s animal population. Keep wildlife in the wild.

2 thoughts on ““Goliath” by Josh Keyes

  1. This doesn’t appear listed on the page that’s linked to the word “HERE”. Is it possible that all 300 prints have sold since yesterday?

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