3 thoughts on ““Hellboy by Zakuro Aoyama

  1. That is so wrong

    “Behold the greatest love letter to Mike, Dave and Guillermo’s work we could offer”

    Would be even bigger if they’d made the effort to license it and pay the original creators some of the money they are making.

    411 you shouldn’t be encouraging this

    • Matt-

      You make valid points here and the discussion of licensed artwork is a well traveled one.

      Generally, my focus on what gets posted here is primarily the artwork. That comes first, if I really like it, it gets posted. There are so many talented artists out there doing their own thing and many of the well known artists that we see nowdays often times got their “break” or foot in the door via unlicensed artwork. Many go on producing officially licensed work after getting noticed and everyone benefits eventually.

      If anything, I try to keep content that gets posted here as varied and eclectic as possible.

  2. If you say so, but at least don’t post posters that use companies logos. That’s considered passing off and is a serious breach of intellectual property. The artwork gains nothing from those and you are endorsing clearly illegal work.

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