“Udon II” by James Jean

James Jean will have a new print available soon titled, “Udon II”. It will be a timed edition lasting 24 hours. On sale Monday, April 10th at 8am PDT HERE.

"Udon II" by James Jean

“Udon II” by James Jean. 23.5″ x 20.5″ Giclee. Timed edition S/N. $200

“Udon II” was created specifically for a billboard in Sawtelle Japantown in Los Angeles. Also known as “Little Osaka,” this historic area is filled with all sorts of Asian culinary delights. I’ve been going to Sawtelle for many years, and while waiting in line for ramen, I would always feel oppressed by the vulgar advertisements looming overhead on this one particular billboard. So, using my own resources, I placed “Udon II” at Sawtelle Boulevard between La Grange Avenue and Mississippi Avenue as an homage to the area and the many memories I have from visiting this unique neighborhood. There’s no name, text, or signature on the billboard – just an image of a gingko sprite feeding her offspring noodles from the head of a kappa. It will be displayed directly above Giant Robot Gallery on Sawtelle Boulevard until the end of April, 2017. – James Jean

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