Mad Duck x Zeb Love “Persistence Of Vision”, 2018 Movie Poster Subscription

Mad Duck x Zeb Love are excited to bring you, “Persistence Of Vision”, a new 2018 movie poster subscription!

Zeb Love is an illustrator famous for his gig poster and art prints, creating an impressive body of work over his career to date. For our 2018 poster subscription, Zeb will only be doing movie posters! Alternative movie posters are something that have interested Zeb for some time, and now is the right time to do them!

Welcome to “Persistence of Vision”, a journey into the creation of 10 new movie posters, with many signed and printed by the artist himself!

Read on for full details.

-10 monthly posters beginning in March and finishing in December
-Posters will all be screen printed movie posters
-6 Posters will be 18×24 or 24X18
-2 Posters will be 24×36 or 36X24
-2 Poster spots will be EXCLUSIVE to the sub and the subject and size of the poster will be decided by sub member vote! Exclusive means this will not be sold outside of the sub!
-There are two sub options. One called “Tier – 1” which is a sub for the regular edition poster and then the other option is “Tier – 2” which is a matching numbered regular and variant poster set!
-All Tier 2 sub holders will receive one hand embellished print, signed by Zeb during the duration of the sub.
-All Tier 2 sub holders will get the opportunity to purchase an OG sketch from Zeb during the duration of the sub. The OG will be available for a separate price and is an optional benefit exclusive to the sub. Subscribers will be able to request the OG subject!
-Subscribers initial payment will cover the March poster!
-Subscribers will have the benefit of selecting monthly or quarterly shipping
-Zeb will be screen printing 4-6 of the 18×24 posters himself. Those posters will all be Zeb.
-Random awesomeness will be inserted into tubes such as test prints, handbills, stickers, and other fun stuff!
-A group exclusive T-shirt designed by Zeb will be made available to purchase if the group votes to do it.

What movies is the sub covering? While we can’t list them all up front, we can list half of them! Remember that 2 sub slots will be decided by subscriber vote!

Rear Window
Night Of The Living Dead
Silence Of The Lambs
King Kong
Reefer Madness

Enrollment is now open! The sub begins in March so there is a very small enrollment period. Enroll now HERE.

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