“Our Immortal Nature” by Palehorse

Collectionzz.com will have “Our Immortal Nature” by Palehorse available soon. On sale Thursday, June 28th at 1:30pm (for Collectionzz members) and 2:00pm (for non-members) HERE.

Main Edition of 130
18″ x 24″, 5 Color Silkscreen
Pop Tone Red Hot French Paper
Signed & Numbered

Gold Foil Variant, Edition of 40
18″ x 24″, 5 Color Silkscreen
Gold Foil Paper
Signed & Numbered

Red Foil Variant, Edition of 30
18″ x 24″, 5 Color Silkscreen
Red Foil Paper
Signed & Numbered

“Inspired by Balinese mask carving, Thai Buddhism and Hindu symbolism, the illustration acknowledges our current age of perpetual war and the underlying fear that is permeating much of humanity. This piece is meant to be hung in your home as a positive reminder that we can learn to remain courageous amidst the chaos. Through the practice of meditation, it is possible to gain the realization of our immortal nature beyond the physical body, conquering the fear of death and bringing light to where there was once only darkness. The Sanskrit mantra asks Lord Shiva to grant us liberation and recognition of this cosmic truth.

When you purchase this poster, you will help raise support for The Living/Dying Project, which is a non-profit organization committed to helping people with life-threatening illnesses face death without fear, so that they may enter the unknown with an open heart.” – Palehorse

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