“Evolution of the Quahog” by Walker Mettling

Next up in the limited edition area code print for the ‘Travel By Screen’ series hosted by Sally Centigrade Gallery. This print represents the 401.

Quahogs (pronounced co-hogs or kwo-hogs), also know as Count Necks, Little Necks, Top Necks or Cherrystone Clams, are the hard shelled clams found burrowing in sands, muds and human bellies around Rhode Island, the “Cooler and Warmer” state. This design was rejected as a promotional tourism poster to bring in more wealthy visitors to our tiny state.

Walker Mettling is a cartoonist and printmaker in Providence, RI. He runs the Providence Comics Consortium (PCC), a micro-publishing edu-tainment project focused on free comics/publishing workshops for kids at libraries, making tons of publications, improvisational art liberation and strengthening the bonds of artists intergenerationally. The inspiration for this print came from a sunday morning session of the PCC Sketchbook Church.

On sale Friday, August 3rd at 10am Mountain time (9am PDT) HERE.

“Evolution of the Quahog” by Walker Mettling. 18″ x 24″ Screenprint. Ed of 50 S/N. $50

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