Masters Of The Universe collection by SiMo Sol

Direct from Mad Duck Posters:

Earlier this year as part of our 2018, Club MOTU subscription, we sold the “King Of Castle Grayskull” by SiMo, and were wowed by his skill and the quality of his artwork!

This week it is a true pleasure to release our new feature Masters Of The Universe painting collection by SiMo Sol! The Feature collection contains seven new officially licensed posters!

All prints are Fine Art Giclées, offering the best possible reproduction of the original paintings and look stunning!

The artwork of SiMo Sol goes on sale this Wednesday, December 12th at 12PM ET (9am PST) HERE The posters will be available individually or as a matching number set!

We are also offering a special financing option for the set that spreads out the purchase price over a year with no additional cost!

“Fight For Castle Grayskull”, Size 21″x 25″ Fine Art Giclée, Run of 200, $115

“King He-Man”, Size 19″ x 27″ Fine Art Giclée, Run of 200, $105

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