“Adrift” by James Jean

James Jean will have a new print available soon titled, “Adrift”. It is a 22 ⅝″ × 42 ⅜″ Giclee, signed/numbered timed edition (lasting 24 hours), and cost $200.
On sale Tuesday, November 17th at 8am PST HERE.

jean adrift

“Adrift” by James Jean. 22 ⅝″ × 42 ⅜″ Giclee. TImed edition S/N. $200

“Adrift” & “Tweek the Bug” Mini-print packs by Marq Spusta

Marq Spusta has a couple of Mini-print packs titled, “Adrift” & “Tweek the Bug”. When you order each 7″ x 7″ Screenprint (various colors), included will be two smaller prints or accessories. There is a wide variety of ink and paper colors used for these prints, some more rare than others, and one will be chosen randomly for each pack.

If multiple packs are ordered, the prints will vary from each other as long as supply allows it. Cost $15 each Mini-print pack. On sale now HERE.

spusta adrift

"Adrift" by Marq Spusta. 7" x 7" Screenprint.

spusta adrift 2
spusta tweek the bug

"Tweek the Bug" by Marq Spusta. 7" x 7" Screenprint.

spusta tweek the bug 2