New prints from Pictures on Walls (POW)

Pictures on Walls (POW) recently added some new prints to their shop from Bäst, 3D, Paul Insect, Gold Peg and Banksy. Before you go crazy, the Banksy one is just a free download image. See pics below for full details. On sale now HERE.

***NOTE: Some of the items are listed as “currently unavailable”. However, that could mean that they are all carted, but item may become available in time.

bast Strap Hanger

"Strap Hanger" by Bast. 65 x 47cm 7-color Screenprint w/ hand-coloring. Ed of 60 S/N. £195 ($305US)

3d Cruel Britannia

"Cruel Britannia" by 3d. 54 x 44.5cm 2-color Screenprint on cyanotype. Ed of 30 S/N. £250 ($391US)

paul insect Clockwork Britain

"Clockwork Britain" by Paul Insect. 59 x 43.5cm 6-color Screenprint. Ed of 60 S/N. £160 ($250US)

gold peg All I Want Is Revenge

"All I Want Is Revenge" by Gold Peg. 8-color Screenprint. Ed of 60 S/N. £75 ($117US)

banksy er

"Er" by Banksy

3 new prints from The Outsiders

The Outsiders will have 3 prints available early this morning by Borf, Bast, and Invader. The latter being a 2012 print available in limited quantities. See pics below for details.
On sale Thursday, May 3rd at 8am PDT HERE.

borf My Friends Live Forever

"My Friends Live Forever" by Borf. 29 x 34cm Hand-painted Gravure etching. Ed of 20 S/N. £150 ($243US)

bast Pyramid Club

"Pyramid Club" by Bast. 90 x 84cm 2-color Screenprint. Ed of 15 S/N. £300 ($485US)

invader Space Vibes - Black

"Space Vibes - Black" by Invader. 50 x 70cm Screenprint. Ed of 30 S/N. £750 ($1213US)

“Dalston Unitooth” by Bast

Bast will have a new print for sale early tomorrow titled, “Dalston Unitooth” via The Outsiders. It is a 96cm x 77cm Hand-painted Screenprint in 21 colours including 22-carat gold leaf, signed edition of 10, and cost £500 ($783US).
On sale Thursday, February 16th at 8am PST HERE.

bast dalston unitooth

"Dalston Unitooth" by Bast. 96 x 77cm 21-color Screenprint w/ hand-finishing & gold foil. Ed of 10,Signed. £500 ($783US)