“Client” by Cam de Leon

Cam de Leon has a new print available titled, “Client” via Gallery Nucleus. It is a 17″ x 22″ Giclee, signed/numbered edition of 30, and cost $180. On sale now HERE.

cam de leon client

"Client" by Cam de Leon. 17" x 22" Giclee. Ed of 30 S/N. $180

***Also: Opening this weekend (Saturday, June 9th @7pm PDT) at Gallery Nucleus in Alhambra, CA is Stasis, the artist’s new solo exhibit. Check it out!

Weekend Features: “Ocular Orifice” by Cam De Leon

Last Call: Amazing Works Still Available

Tool fans are amongst the most loyal music fans you can find nowdays. Tool have been around since the early 1990s and have since released 4 full length albums and toured the world incessantly. One big draw of this band, besides the excellent music, are the visual aesthetics that the band provides. Downplaying their image, singer/frontman Maynard James Keenan often performed onstage out-of-view of the audience, much to the confusion of many. Regardless, their videos and concerts were filled with artistic dark imagery that was driven deep by the explosive and haunting sounds of their music.

On September 17, 1996, Tool released their second full-length album, Ænima, and was a multi-platinum hit. The album cover and artwork featured designs by artist Cam De Leon which could be set behind the lenticular “lens” to create an effect of sequential animation; ie-the pupil of the eye animated to rotate completely around. This image became iconic to the Tool persona, and was often featured up onstage during performances.

Recently, Cam De Leon “retooled” this image to an updated version for a print release. Titled “Ocular Orfice”, it is a Giclee print available in 2 sizes, 10.5″ x 14″ (Edition of 1000, $60) or 15″ x 20″ (Edition of 33, $160). Truly a classic and instantly recognizable piece by any casual or hardcore Tool fan, and is on sale HERE.

cam-de-leon ocular orifice

"Ocular Orifice" by Cam De Leon. Giclee print.