“Snowman Monkey BBQ” Box Set by David Choe

David Choe will have a new box set of prints available soon titled, “Snowman Monkey BBQ”. They will be available in regular, special, and watercolor editions.
On sale Friday, September 5th at 3pm PDT HERE.

choe snowman monkey

“Dragon Girl” by David Choe

David Choe will have a new print available soon titled, “Dragon Girl”. It is a 36″ x 36″ Giclee with watercolor hand-embellishments, signed/numbered edition of 38, and cost $1200.
On sale Wednesday, February 26th at 3pm PST HERE.

***100% of All proceeds donated to help the Typhoon Haiyan Relief in the Philippines.

choe dragon girl

“Dragon Girl” by David Choe. 36″ x 36″ Giclee, hand-embellished. Ed of 38 S/N. $1200

“Hug Ambassadors” by David Choe

David Choe will have a new print available soon titled, “Hug Ambassadors. It is a 26″ x 27” Giclee, signed/numbered edition of 59, and cost $487.
On sale Tuesday, July 16th at 10pm PDT HERE.

choe Hug Ambassadors

“Hug Ambassadors” by David Choe. 26″ x 27″ Giclee. Ed of 59 S/N. $487

***There will also be a rarer SAN DIEGO COMICON/FROYO/YOLO edition of 27 at 36″ by 35″ inches for $666 and hand laid with genuine gold leaf on every single one. This edition will ONLY be available at san diego comicon on Friday july 19th from 4 to 9pm at the gentle giant studios booth.

“Blanket” by David Choe

David Choe will have a new print available early next week titled, “Blanket”. It’s of a watercolor of a sleeping beauty wrapped in a reality distortion force field (Dave’s own words :)). It is a Giclee print on Hahnemuhle photorag satin archival paper with painted additional watercolors on every single one of the prints so no two are alike. There are 2 sizes available: 18″ x 24″ (Ed of 48, $448) or 27″ x 36″ (Ed of 16, $669).
On sale Monday, June 17th at 9pm PDT HERE.

choe blanket

“Blanket” by David Choe. Giclee, hand-finished. 18″ x 24″ (Ed of 48, $448) : 27″ x 36″ (Ed of 16, $669)

“Stockholm Syndrome” by David Choe

David Choe will have a new print available titled, “Stockholm Syndrome”. It is based off of his spraypainted piece on Pablo Escobar’s house in Medellin. It is an 18″ x 24″ Giclee w/ hand laid with genuine palladium leaf on every single one . No two will be the same. Signed/numbered edition of 44, and cost $444. On sale Tuesday, May 14th at 12pm PDT by emailing Bobby Namba at bnamba@live.com. First come first serve!

choe Stockholm syndrome 1

“Stockholm Syndrome” by David Choe. 18″ x 24″ Giclee w/ palladium leaf. Ed of 44 S/N. $444

choe Stockholm syndrome 2

New prints from The Outsiders

The Outsiders released 2 new prints today: “Tardis of Delight” by Conor Harrington & “Helmet” by David Choe. See pics below for details. On sale now HERE.

harrington Tardis of Delight

"Tardis of Delight" by Conor Harrington. 92 x 72cm Giclee w/ 22-carat gold leaf. Ed of 60 S/N. £375 ($608US)

choe helmet

"Helmet" by David Choe. 45.5 x 45.5cm 6-color Screenprint. Ed of 187 S/N. £175 ($284US)

Weekend Features: Framed Art Phenomena 16

Framed Art Phenomena

The most beautiful thing we can experience is the mysterious. It is the source of all true art and science. -Albert Einstein


whatson eternal reflection

"Eternal Reflection" by Martin Whatson. Pic provided by Allan K.

“Allan K. was one of the lucky few who managed to snag this 8-layer stenciled masterpiece. It is encased in a deep but super-thin zinc frame, to accent the metallic space theme.”

whatson eternal reflection 2




butto the sisters kurt f

"The Sisters" by Saturno Butto. Pic provided by Kurt F.

“Subtle gold highlights of this frame complement this Butto piece so well. Excellent work all around.”

butto the sisters kurf f 2





"Consort Study" by Ray Caesar. Pic provided by Conor C.

“Caesar’s work have an other-worldly Victorian feel to them. In this case, a classic ornate gold frame is the perfect match.”





mccarthy wish you were here iambillyg

"Wish You Were Here" by Dan McCarthy. Pic provided by "iambillyg" from expressobeans.com

“Super clean and classy frame up work done here. Really like the simple black on black frame/mat setup. It helps makes the image and trees pop against the white background. I bet it looks great glowing in the dark as well!”

mccarthy wish you were here iambillyg 2




invader warning invader ashton

"Warning Invader" by Invader. Pic provided by Brampton Picture Framing, Chesterfield, Derbyshire, UK

“Good to see one of these prints surface. I like how the thin black frame matches the outline of the print. Clean work all around. (Framed by Brampton Picture Framing in Chesterfield, Derbyshire, UK.)”

invader warning invader ashton 2




choe tokyo girl

"Tokyo Girl" by David Choe. Pic provided by "piratesprayer" from expressobeans.com

“And closing out this weeks article is a piece by David Choe. You know…the person that tagged up Barbara Walters and was informally adopted by Howard Stern all in the same week. Oh yea, he’s also a mega multi-millionare now. :)”

choe tokyo girl piratesprayer 2




Do you want to have your Framed Art featured here? If so LOOK HERE!

“Yellow Armour” by David Choe

David Choe’s latest print titled “Yellow Armour” is being released in quite a humorous and unconventional way. For free! Actually there will be certain criteria that you will need to meet in order to receive this free 18″ x 24″ print. See instructions below the photo set with details on how to enter:


"Yellow Armour" by David Choe. 18" x 24" Giclee (Free version) or 33" x 44" ($555)

This print is for all my fans, who have supported me and shown me love all of these years; this is an early Chanukah present from me to you. So this Friday at 11:11 pm west coast time on 11/11/11 the first 111 people to send everything on this checklist (email responses only) to bnamba@live.com

1) Proof of donating blood, sperm, organs, marrow, food, or money to any good cause or charity or also proof of consensual incestuous relationship is acceptable

2) Apology or confessional letter

3) Photograph of you crying (or laughing so hard it looks like your crying) next to a deformed fruit, or any ape, or a really old or really young Oriental person, or someone shitting or video of you dancing really hard in a crowded public area for at least 5 minutes is acceptable

4) Proof of something that shows you ever loved someone

Will be rewarded with a print of YELLOW ARMOUR that will cost them 0 dollars and 0 cents, and 0 dollars for shipping, this is a free print, it is 18 by 24 inches printed on the best paper, all signed and numbered.

There will also be a very limited edition of 11 oversize prints that will actually be for sale for non-charitable types who don’t know love or forgiveness, these are 33 by 44 inches and cost 555$ each (I actually only have 6 of these left, you need to email info@trapezeeditions.com for these big ones)