“Lord of the Rings” & “Dragonslayer” by JC Richard (AP Editions)

JC Richard will have AP Editions of his “Lord of the Rings” trilogy set & “Dragonslayer” posters available sometime today. So keep an eye out!
On sale Thursday, July 26th at a random time HERE.

richard lord of the rings

"Lord of the Rings" by JC Richard. (3) 12" x 36" Screenprints. AP edition, signed

richard dragonslayer 2

"Dragonslayer" by JC Richard. 24" x 36" Screenprint. AP edition, signed

New posters from Mondo

Tomorrow, Mondo will be releasing the remaining posters from movie screenings in the last few weeks for “Dragonslayer”, “Shadow of a Doubt”, “Film”, & “The Unholy Three”. See pics below for details. On sale Friday, June 1st at a random time HERE.

richard dragonslayer 2

"Dragonslayer" by JC Richard. 24" x 36" Screenprint. Ed of 325 N. $50

hynes shadow of a doubt

"Shadow of a Doubt" by Alan Hynes. 24" x 36" Screenprint. Ed of 145 N. $40

Delicious Design League film

"Film" by Delicious Design League. 18" x 24" Screenprint. Ed of 200 N. $40

Kleinsmith the unholy three

"The Unholy Three" by Jeff Kleinsmith. 24" x 36" Screenprint. Ed of 185 N. $40

“Dragonslayer” by JC Richard (Mondo release)

Direct from Mondo:

I am very proud to announce that one of our favorite guests of all time is returning to the Alamo for a one night only screening of the great DRAGONSLAYER. That’s right, the legendary Phil Tippett is back and will be in person on Thursday night talking about GO MOTION, DRAGONSLAYER and who knows what else! If you came to our JURASSIC PARK Mondo Mystery Movie, you learned first hand that Phil is one of the most knowledgable and entertaining guests we’ve ever had and we can’t express how happy we are to have him back!

Add to that that we are releasing our newest JC Richard poster at the screening. Tickets are ON SALE NOW and the price includes this poster. They are in hand now and we have taken some detail pics to illustrate how amazing it will look in person.

Something else that I want to mention is that Phil is working on a new all stop-motion film called MAD GOD. He has started a Kickstarter for it that can be viewed HERE. They are VERY CLOSE to hitting their goal, so please help out if you can. I’ve seen the sets in person and it’s amazing. There is nothing like stop-motion, especially when it’s coming from a master like Phil. We hope to see you all at the screening on Thursday!

richard dragonslayer 2

"Dragonslayer" by JC Richard

richard dragonslayer 4
richard dragonslayer 7

***I just wanted to add that this movie was a childhood favorite of mine growing up as a kid during the 80s. I watched this movie so many times on HBO back then! The dragon imagined and portrayed in this movie to this very day IMO, is the best movie dragon ever. Hopefully some copies of these will see an online sale. “Burning Water!!!” 🙂