Gallery1988 presents: ‘Fairy Tales: A Print Show’

Gallery Openings / Exhibitions

gallery1988 fairy tales

Join them at G1988 (West) as they open Fairy Tales: A Print Show, a new exhibit where artists have created works inspired by their favorite childhood stories. All pieces will be limited edition and first available at the opening reception, which will run from 7-10 PM at 7308 Melrose Ave.

***Online sale on Saturday, January 11th at a random time HERE.

Sneak Peak:

gallery1988 fairy tales 9


gallery1988 fairy tales 8


Gallery 1988 presents: Crazy 4 Cult 7 in NYC

Gallery Openings / Exhibitions

gallery 1988 crazy 4 cult nyc

Gallery1988 is back with its hugely successful Crazy 4 Cult 7 in NYC. Pop culture artwork from tons of artists. Visit them Friday, December 13th at 7-10 PM at 355A Bowery (between 3rd and 4th)

***Online sale likely on Saturday, December 14th at a random time HERE.

Sneak Peak:

gallery 1988 crazy 4 cult nyc Sam-Gilbey-Ghostbusters

gallery 1988 crazy 4 cult nyc cooper

gallery 1988 crazy 4 cult nyc petrie

gallery 1988 crazy 4 cult nyc budich

gallery 1988 crazy 4 cult nyc white

gallery 1988 crazy 4 cult nyc taylor

gallery 1988 crazy 4 cult nyc 3

Gallery1988 presents: “Crazy 4 Cult – Say Hi To The Bad Guy”

Gallery Openings / Exhibitions

crazy 4 cult

Crazy 4 Cult is back this year at Gallery1988 with a bit of a twist. For this show, the artists have been told they can only depict the villains or the bad guys from cult films (and some TV shows) and that’s it. Pretty cool!

Opening reception on Friday, October 18th at G1988 (West), from 7-10 PM

***Online sale likely on Saturday, October 19th at a random time HERE.

Sneak Peak:

budich crazy 4 cult

crazy 4 cult 2

crazy 4 cult 3

crazy 4 cult 1

crazy 4 cult 5

crazy 4 cult 6

Gallery1988 presents: “The Official Bad Robot Art Experience”

Gallery Openings/Exhibitions

gallery1988 The Official Bad Robot Art Experience

Gallery1988 (West) is proud to present its newest exhibit, “The Official Bad Robot Art Experience,” that will open this Friday, April 26th with an opening reception from 7-10 PM. Working in conjunction with JJ Abrams & his production company, we’ve enlisted a gigantic group of artists to create original artwork (paintings, prints, sculptures & plush) to tribute the movies, TV show and iconic logo of BR. You’ll see artists tackle Alias, Fringe, LOST, Person of Interest, Cloverfield, Super 8, Star Trek and much more, resulting in some of the most exciting and innovative work yet.

The Official Bad Robot Art Experience will take place at G1988’s newest location at 7308 Melrose Ave and run through May 18th.

***The remaining prints will go on sale Saturday, April 27th at a random time in the afternoon HERE.

Also, 10% of the show’s proceeds are going directly to The Mission Continues, an incredible charity that works with veterans hoping to become community leaders.

Sneak Peak

gallery1988 bad robot nc winters

gallery1988 The Official Bad Robot Art Experience budich

gallery1988 bad robot englert

gallery1988 bad robot  flames

gallery1988 bad robot 100soft

gallery1988 bad robot weldon

gallery1988 bad robot pardee

anonymous ink idea lonely robot

anonymous ink idea lonely robot variant

gallery1988 The Official Bad Robot Art Experience white

gallery1988 bad robot petrie

gallery1988 The Official Bad Robot Art Experience Lawson

gallery1988 bad robot boyes

gallery1988 bad robot buffum

gallery1988 The Official Bad Robot Art Experience Monster eelus

gallery1988 The Official Bad Robot Art Experience barrett

gallery1988 bad robot iccarino

gallery1988 bad robot spiotto

gallery1988 The Official Bad Robot Art Experience Monster Factory

Gallery1988 presents: ‘Product Placement’ – Screenprints of your favorite products that don’t exist

Gallery Openings/Exhibitions

gallery 1988 product placement

Gallery1988 will open its newest location, G1988 (East) at 7021 Melrose (on the corner of Melrose La Brea) THIS Saturday night, March 9th, from 7-10 PM.

The first show will be a screenprint group exhibit called “Product Placement,” featuring limited edition pieces that advertise and celebrate objects from movies and TV shows that don’t actually exist in real life. Start off things with a bang at G1988 (East), don’t miss out.

***Online sale likely the next day on Sunday, March 10th at a random time HERE.

Sneak Peak:

gallery 1988 product placement nekobasu_no_glow_bruceyan
gallery 1988 product placement nekobasu_glow_bruceyan
gallery 1988 product placement petrie
gallery 1988 product placement MorriesWigs-large_zpse53b8265
gallery 1988 product placement  Mort

“Devil Town” @ Gallery1988 (Melrose)

Gallery Openings/Exhibitions

danger devil town 2

Join us this tomorrow night, Friday December 2nd, from 7-10 PM at Gallery1988 (Melrose) as we open “Devil Town,” a group show curated by artist Daniel Danger, featuring over 15 artists all creating pieces inspired by Danger’s idea of “rural and distant suburbs, dead farmlands [and] quiet and dark towns…”

A departure from the pop culture focus Gallery1988 has had for the past few years, “Devil Town” focuses on landscapes and desolate settings, telling a story with almost every detail missing, besides the location. The work for this show is stunning, lead by Daniel’s prints and original work, and is an exhibit you can not miss.

jc richard
scott belcastro
mike doyle
dan lydersen

“Please Post Bills” @ Gallery1988

Gallery Openings/Exhibitions

Gallery1988 is all geared up for the opening night of their “Please Post Bills” exhibition featuring works in tribute to the great comedic actor Bill Murray. Opening Thursday, November 3rd 7-10pm PDT at the Melrose gallery, this exhibit will feature 80 artists, all creating paintings, sculptures and prints influenced by the movies, TV appearances and iconic jokes of Mr. Murray.

From the looks of the preview, this is looking to be a very inspired showing as Bill Murray has reached many audiences far and wide spanning many age groups. If your around the area, don’t miss out! After the opening, works will be made available for online purchase usually within a day or two. Stay tuned…

***UPDATE: Any remaining OGs and prints will go online on Friday, November 4th at a random time HERE.

gallery1988 please post bills
gallery1988 clark orr
gallery1988 dave perillo
gallery1988 eric braddock
gallery1988 Lost-in-Translation
gallery1988 hero design