Weekend Features: Framed Art Phenomena 21

Framed Art Phenomena

I saw the angel in the marble and carved until I set him free. -Michelangelo


bertmer battle for the planet of the apes mark z

"Battle for the Planet of the Apes" by Florian Bertmer. Pic provided by Mark Z.

“Florian Bertmer based his poster on an old woodblock print of “Cain Slaying Able” by Dürer.

durer cain slaying abel

“Interestingly, at least in my nerdish opinion, Kubrick used the same imagery in 2001 a Space Odyssey in the scene in which the “intelligent” weapon-wielding man-ape is beating his enemy ape with a jaw bone. All that aside, I went with the obvious and used a bamboo style frame and earth-tone mats to get a primitive, Planet of the Apes look to the print. I wanted also to avoid any bright colors in the matts or frame given Bertmer’s large, bright, almost luminescent red sky. For my tastes, I liked this poster the most out of the collection of Ape posters offered by Mondo.- Mark Z.”

bertmer battle for the planet of the apes mark z 1




stout captain america mark z re

"Captain America" by Tyler Stout. Pic provided by Mark Z.

“I went simple with a jet black wood frame, blue top mat and a thin red second mat to bring out the colors of the poster and to separate the larger blue from image. I think the red framed the image nicely and separated the blue banner at the top from the blue mat. This was a fantastic poster and framing it was pretty basic. The only trick was to keep it simple to avoid detracting from the image. I am a long time antique movie and magic poster collector, but this poster introduced me to a whole new aspect of poster art and collecting. Great way to start. Oh, and pardon the distortion caused by the wide angle lense. The frame and poster are actually straight. -Mark Z.”

stout captain america mark z 1




earley the wish seth s

"The Wish" by Lori Earley. Pic provided by Seth S.

“This piece by Earley instantly makes your eyes pop out due to its 3-D like effect. Those dandelions have so much depth. Here it’s encased and a clean brushed gold frame.”

earley the wish seth s 1




Broadmore district 9 ray g

"District 9" by Greg Broadmore. Pic provided by Ray G.

“This is a limited print (of 150 total) of the concept art for the mother ship in the movie District 9 (2009).It was drawn by Greg Broadmore, artist for the production studio Weta. Also, it is signed by Peter Jackson, the executive producer of the film and director of films such as The Lord of the Rings trilogy, King Kong and the upcoming Hobbit.

“The frame is brown with a golden metallic sheen that I feel gives the piece a mechanized, almost steampunk feel. I decided to go with a large matted border around the print to give the piece some larger scale as the mother ship of the aliens was supposed to give a very imposing feel looming over the city of Johannesburg.”

“I loved the movie, and I cant wait for D-10 (supposed to be in early production stages). Hope you guys like the print! -Ray G.”

Broadmore district 9 ray g 1




kawasaki enrapture opticblast

"Enrapture" by Audrey Kawasaki. Pic provided by "opticblast" from expressobeans.com

“This is really nice. The frame is classic Kawasaki style, but what really sets this frame up apart is the mat color choice. I don’t even know what color that is, but it somehow encompasses all the colors in this Kawasaki piece into one color. A perfect compliment.”

kawasaki enrapture opticblast 2
kawasaki enrapture opticblast 3
kawasaki enrapture opticblast 1




klausen tron furthur frames

"Tron" by Brad Klausen. Pic provided by Furthur Frames

“Final count: 4 mats, three hand-painted fillets. Who needs 3-D glasses when you have Further Frames? 😉 (Framed by Furthur Frames in Denver, CO.)”

klausen tron furthur frames 1
klausen tron furthur frames 2


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