Weekend Features: Framed Art Phenomena 23

Framed Art Phenomena

If I could say it in words, there would be no reason to paint. -Edward Hopper


wood there mike l

"There" by Ashley Wood. Pic provided by Mike L. (Framed by Furthur Frames)

“This rustic piece by Ashley Wood is complemented nicely by a worn frame look. It’s almost as if the metal frame were made up of pulled parts from that dilapidated robot. Framed by Furthur Frames, Denver CO.”

wood there mike l 2




parla st giles spatia

"St. Giles" by Jose Parla. Pic provided by "spatia" from expressobeans.com

“Framed in Italian Filigree, Pearl Filet and 8 Ply Mat with Conservation Glass. Probably my favorite Parla piece. Love how the design of the frame mirrors those classic Parla lines.”

parla st giles spatia 2




zombie delicious chris o

"Delicious" by Lora Zombie. Pic provided by Chris O.

“This arrived already framed to Chris O. from Eyes On Walls. Sometimes it’s just much easier to purchase artwork pre-framed and not have to worry about framing. In this case. EOW did a good job framing it in a classy, neutral way.”

zombie delicious chris o 2




ryden The Debutante forrest

"The Debutante" by Mark Ryden. Pic provided by Forrest L.

“This excellent Ryden piece is framed with the perfect complementary shade suede mat and museum glass. A glowing centerpiece of any collection.”

ryden The Debutante forrest 2
ryden The Debutante forrest 3
ryden The Debutante forrest 4




emek day night xander

"Day & Night" art print by Emek. Pic provided by "xander" from expressobeans.com

“Earth-toned mat and frame match the theme of this Emek piece. Also notice how the frame design looks like tree roots; an extension of this Emek classic.”

emek day night xander 1




danger we were fortunate chaser306

"we were fortunate..." by Daniel Danger. Pic provided by "chaser306" from expressobeans.com

“Triptychs hung side-by-side often work best with a simple frame-up; allowing you to view the 3 pieces as one whole piece. In this case, a solid dark frame around each of these Danger pieces work so well as your eyes are immediately drawn to the images as you move from one to the next.”

danger we were fortunate chaser306 2


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