“Beauty & Death” by Jeremy Beswick

Intrinsic Editions will round out this months releases of Jeremy Beswick’s ‘Gods & Goddesses’ series of prints with a diptych print titled, “Beauty & Death”. Each print is a 16″ x 22″ Giclee, extensively hand-finished with 19c gold acrylic ink and graphite making each print unique. They are signed(Death)/numbered(Beauty) editions of 11, and cost $425 for the set. On sale Thursday, October 8th at 8am PDT HERE.

Beswick Beauty & Death web shop

“Beauty & Death” by Jeremy Beswick. (2) 16″ x 22″ Giclees w/ 19c gold hand-finished paint & graphite. Ed of 11 S/N. $425

Beswick Love & Death web 3 shop

Beauty is a characteristic of a person, animal, place, object, or idea that provides a perceptual experience of pleasure or satisfaction. Beauty is studied as part of aesthetics, sociology, social psychology, and culture. An “ideal beauty” is an entity which is admired, or possesses features widely attributed to beauty in a particular culture, for perfection.

Death – The concept of Death as a sentient entity has existed in many societies since the beginning of recorded history. In English, Death is often given the name “the Grim Reaper”. In Jewish tradition, Death was referred to as the Angel of Life and Death (Malach HaMavet) or the Angel of Dark and Light stemming from the Bible and Talmudic lore.

Artist Website: http://www.studio600art.co.uk/
Artist Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Jeremy-Beswick-Studio600art-107474462652245/timeline/

Love and The Avett Brothers prints by David Hale

David Hale has a new print titled, “Love” and a new The Avett Brothers gig poster now available. See below for details. On sale now HERE.

hale love

“Love” by David Hale. 12″ x 36″ 3-color Screenprint. Red (Ed of 50, $40) : Metallic Blue (Ed of 50, $40)

hale the avett brothers wilkesboro nc 2015

“The Avett Brothers – Wilkesboro, NC 2015″ by David Hale. 12″ x 36” 3-color Screenprint. Ed of 200 S/N. $30