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Head In The Clouds by Brent Wickes (2018)
Edition of 10 – Signed & #’d
Printed On Velvet Archival Paper

“Head In The Clouds is a portrait of humanity. We are all living our own lives trying to do the best we can. It’s easy to get lost in all of the fastness of the world. Take time to be alone. Take time to be quiet. Learn what is important to you. What makes you happy? Choose those things to be in your life. Let go of things that don’t make you happy. Happiness. Gratitude. Awareness. Love. Respect.

All things that are easier said than done. But it’s all about practice. The more you try to improve the more you will improve. Even if it is in the smallest of ways. It all adds up. Eventually we all will reach that place with our head in the clouds. Peace and love. It’s not that easy, but it is that simple.” – Brent Wickes

Riders On The Storm (2019) by Serial Cut
Open Edition
Printed On Smooth Archival Paper

“We were inspired by the classic The Doors song “Riders on the Storm” and took some recognizable elements from The Doors, like the hat of Jim Morrison, but in a cloudy/stormy form (see also the skull made out of clouds) and the belt. Instead of a knife, we use a red feather that cuts the belt to add a bit more drama. We wanted to recreate a dreamy scene where all the elements were levitating. The technique is full CGI.” Sergio del Puerto, Serial Cut