Spoke Art @ C2E2

spoke art c2e2

Spoke Art will be at the Chicago Comic & Entertainment Expo starting this Friday, April 25th at Booth #756. Don’t miss! Online sale to come later, stay tuned…

sperry Equity

“Equity” by Chuck Sperry. 18″ x 24″ 7-color Screenprint. Ed of 50 S/N.

kozik Souls Once Lost

“Souls Once Lost” by Frank Kozik. Giclee. Ed of 50 S/N. $50

van genderen Lemon - Delorean

“Lemon – Delorean” by Justin Van Genderen. 18″ x 24″ 2-color Screenprint. Ed of 150. $35

budich kill bill

“Kill Bill” by Josh Budich. 18″ x 24″ 5-color Screenprint. Ed of 150. $40

Spoke Art presents: Bad Dads: an art show tribute to the films of Wes Anderson

Gallery Openings / Exhibitions

spoke art bad dads

Spoke Art’s annual Bad Dads show is back this year to pay tribute to the films of Wes Anderson. To celebrate, there will be costume parties at the gallery openings and movie screenings. Don’t miss!

Friday, November 1st
Halloween costume party at the gallery
All ages, no cover, 6pm – 10pm

Saturday, November 2nd
Halloween costume party at the gallery
All ages, no cover, 6pm – 10pm

Sunday, November 3rd
Castro Theatre triple feature
Bottle Rocket, The Royal Tenenbaums and Moonrise Kingdom
screening starts at 5pm
prints from the show will be available for purchase

Learn more or RSVP via Facebook:

***Online sale on Monday, November 4th at 3pm PST HERE.

Sneak Peak:

spoke art bad dads ching

spoke art bad dads Gustafsson

spoke art bad dads doyle

Spoke Art presents: “Scorsese” An art show tribute to the films of Martin Scorsese

Gallery Openings/Exhibitions

spoke art scorsese

Spoke Art gallery is proud to present “Scorsese” an art show tribute to the films and life of acclaimed director, writer and producer, Martin Scorsese.

Widely regarded as one of America’s most talented filmmakers, Scorsese boasts a 40+ year career in cinema and his love affair with the city of New York has manifested itself in such a way that the director is considered an unofficial biographer of the Big Apple. With this in mind, Spoke Art gallery in San Francisco has opted to bring our “Scorsese” tribute art show to NYC for a weekend-only showing of new and original paintings, sculptures and prints.

“Scorsese” debuts Friday, April 19th with an opening night party from 6pm to 10pm at Bold Hype Gallery in Chelsea. Admittance is free, complimentary refreshments will be served, and the artists will be in attendance. The show will remain on view until Sunday, April 21st.

***Remaining prints will go online on Friday, April 26th at 5pm PDT HERE.

Sneak Peek:

spoke art scorsese  Domaradzki

spoke art scorsese  sperry 1

spoke art scorsese ewing

spoke art scorsese budich raging bull

spoke art scorsese goodfellas

spoke art scorsese dalton

spoke art scorsese gossel

spoke art scorsese van genderen

spoke art scorsese needle

spoke art scorsese cooper

spoke art scorsese barrett 1

spoke art scorsese ching

spoke art scorsese ne

spoke art scorsese phillips

spoke art scorsese youssef raging bull

Spoke Art NYCC Bad Dads Preview

Direct from Spoke Art:

Spoke Art is proud to announce the third installment in our ongoing annual art show, “Bad Dads: an art show inspired by the films of Wes Anderson.”
For 2012 we’re taking the show bicoastal with a partial print debut at the New York Comic Con this weekend, followed by the full show later this month at our San Francisco gallery space.

For the New York Comic Con, I’m proud to announce that every print (except Max Dalton’s) will feature an artist signing at our booth, plus, most of the prints we’ll be releasing will be con-exclusive items and available only at the New York Comic Con. Spoke Art can be found at booth #3233.

Additionally, we will be releasing the next print in Tim Doyle’s sold out Unreal Estate series, stay tuned for his follow up solo show with us in February 2013.


Spoke Art can be found at Booth #3220

  • Exact times for releases will be announced on Twitter (@spoke_art)
  • New York Comic Con is from Thursday, October 11th to Sunday, October 14th
  • Many releases are con-exclusives
  • Most releases feature an artist signing (the artist is in attendance signing their prints for fans)

Relevant links:

In addition to our Bad Dads prints, the massive 200 sq. ft. Spoke Art booth will also feature:

  • sold out Castro Theatre prints
  • sold out fine art prints
  • artist designed apparel
  • original paintings

“Scorch I” by Josh Keyes

New information is surfacing about this highly anticipated new print by Josh Keyes. It will intially be made available during the “Sink of Swim” exhibition with Pangeaseed at Spoke Art on September 23rd. Information on that show can be found HERE. If there are any remaining prints, they will be made available following the opening weekend online at Monday, September 26th HERE.. However, if you really want one of these, I highly recommend you go attend this great benefit in person, or find a poster buddy. Good luck!

“Scorch I” is an 18″ x 24″ Giclee print with hand-deckled edges, signed and numbered, and cost $200.

Keyes Scorch I

"Scorch I" by Josh Keyes. 18" x 24" Giclee. Ed of 150 S/N. $200

Keyes Scorch I instagram

Instagram photo of actual print.

Weekend Features: “Sink or Swim” a benefit for sharks

Art Galleries and Exhibitions

Pangeaseed, in collaboration with Spoke Art plans to hold an exhibition in support to raise awareness of the rapid and mass depletion of one of natures most incredible creatures, sharks. Featured will be original works from 30 internationally renowned artists such as Dave Kinsey, Josh Keyes, Dan May, Jim Phillips, Jeff Soto and many more. So much talent!








Each year, a staggering 80 million sharks are killed, most of them are killed only for their fins to satisfy an unsustainable appetite for shark fin soup. In the cruel practice known as “finning,” the shark is hooked and brought aboard the boat where its fins are then cut off and the still alive but limbless animal is tossed back into the sea. With no instruments to move, the helpless shark sinks to the ocean floor and eventually drowns. Sharks, being “apex predators”, play a vital role in keep the oceans fish population in balance. Without them, you would see an unnatural overpopulation of fish that would not be sustainable in the natural balance of the ecosystem.

PangeaSeed is a Tokyo-based grassroots organization dedicated to educating and raising international awareness on the plight of sharks. Through volunteer activism and various mediums including art, music, film, and photography, PangeaSeed aims to create an open dialog with the global community to develop an understanding of the need to preserve and protect sharks and their habitat.

Sink or Swim will run in San Francisco from 23 ~ 25 September 2011. In support of proposed bill (AB376) to ban shark fin in California State, Sink or Swim offers the community new perspectives on this widely misunderstood and demonized animal. Also, in addition to raising funds to keep sharks afloat both in Japan and around the world PangeaSeed will donate a percentage of the proceeds from Sink or Swim to organizations aiding animals affected by the March 2011 earthquake and tsunami in Japan.

One notable print to be featured at this event is Josh Keyes Scorch I piece:

"Scorch I" by Josh Keyes

What Keyes is able to convey in this piece is a very powerful commentary tackling multi-issues at once. Issues such as man-made pollution, to its toils with oil dependencies, modern urbanization, and the plight of sharks. Powerful indeed and I will do whatever I can myself to get a print of this.