Weekend Features: 100,000 LED lights illuminate the Sumida River

It’s An Art World

Last weekend on May 6th to close out the Tokyo Hotaru Festival (Tokyo Firefly Festival), 100,000 LED lights were sent drifting down the Sumida River to imitate a stream of fireflies. What a spectacle. I wonder what the fish were thinking? 🙂 Having personally visted Tokyo, Japan, I can say that it really is a special place with some deep rooted cultural values.

Tokyo Hotaru Festival 1
Tokyo Hotaru Festival
Tokyo Hotaru Festival 2
mai suzuki
mai suzuki tokyo hotaru 2
mai suzuki tokyo hotaru 3
mai suzuki tokyo hotaru 4
mai suzuki tokyo hotaru 5

(pics via Tokyo Hotaru Festival & Mai Suzuki)
(source via Laughing Squid)