Galerie F presents: Tracie Ching in “Well Read”

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galerie f well read

In collaboration with Chicago’s Galerie F, D.C.-based artist Tracie Ching debuts her solo exhibition, Well Read.

Well Read investigates the relationship between contemporary films and the literary classics from which they are derived. In this body of work Tracie Ching explores different novels that have spawned successful film counterparts, creating her own interpretations which carefully adhere to their respective stories. The show itself is a response to the use of source material and the effects that different visual representations have on them over time.

Every representation, including Tracie’s, is a result of applying different filters to a piece of work that has become larger than the creator could have ever imagined. While the film industry may introduce aesthetic, thematic, or even plot changes, Tracie attempts to stay close to the original source material while applying aesthetics attributed to the time period of each novel. Limited edition silk screen prints accompanied by letterpress bookmarks and custom bound books will be available. A portion of all proceeds from the show will be donated to Reading is Fundamental, the largest children’s literacy nonprofit in the United States (

Opening reception Friday March 28th 2014 from 6p to 10p.

***Online sale on Monday, March 31st at 2pm Central (12pm PDT) HERE.



Moby Dick

Frankenstein Regular



Tracie Ching’s ‘Well Read’ Kickstarter Project / Exhibtion @ Galerie F

On March 28th, Tracie Ching will have her first-ever solo show titled Well Read over at Galerie F in Chicago, and to mark the special occasion she is focusing on the subject of Books. All artwork for the show will be based on different genres of literature – the first of which being H.G. Wells’ sci-fi classic, War of the Worlds. To fund the prints to be exhibited at the show, she is holding a Kickstarter project. Pledges in various price ranges get you many options. Check them all out and pledge now HERE.

ching war of the worlds

“War of the Worlds” by Tracie Ching. 18″ x 24″ Screenprint.

ching war of the worlds variant

“War of the Worlds” by Tracie Ching. 18″ x 24″ Screenprint. (variant)