“Zebulon Pike – Minneapolis, MN 2013” by Brandon Holt

Brandon Holt is quickly becoming one of my favorite new artists of 2013. With his latest “Zebulon Pike – Minneapolis, MN 2013” gig poster, Brandon displays his incredible illustration skills along with his now signature themes of death and decay. I can’t wait to see more from him. Available at the show tonight and online on Tuesday, August 6th at a random time HERE.

holt Zebulon Pike - Minneapolis, MN 2013

“Zebulon Pike – Minneapolis, MN 2013” by Brandon Holt

“Zebulon Pike” by Burlesque

Burlesque is set to release a print for the band Zebulon Pike and their fourth full-length album entitled Space Is The Corpse of Time.

The prints are 6 colors, a mixture of transparent and translucent, matte and gloss used to achieve a wide range of colors, subtle blends and the eerie depth of a black hole, all on Steel Grey French paper. These 19″ x 25″ Screenprints are hand-embellished, with Wes adding some watercolor details to each poster making each one unique. Very cool! Edition of 175, signed/numbered, and the cost is only $25 shipped too!
These go on sale Thursday, November 3rd at 12pm PDT HERE.

burlesque zebulonpike 2

"Zebulon Pike" by Burlesque. 19 x 25" 6-color hand-embellished Screenprint. Ed of 175 S/N. $25 shipped