Untitled by Hush

Hush has a new print available via Laminate Most Wanted. Not much info is known about this print though I can assume that it is a Giclee print and the title of it is possibly “Seductress”. Dimensions are also unknown, and it is a signed/numbered edition of 100. Such a great looking image and if anyone has anymore info about this print, let me know!
On sale now HERE.

hush untitled

Untitled by Hush. Giclee print. Ed of 100 S/N. £45 ($72US)

“Primus, New York NY 2012” by Ron English

Ron English will have some copies of his “Primus, New York NY 2012″ gig poster available later this week. It is an 18″ x 24” Screenprint, signed/numbered edition of 200 (50 will be available), and will cost $99.99.
On sale Saturday, October 27th at 12pm Eastern (9am PDT) HERE.

english Primus, New York NY 2012

"Primus, New York NY 2012" by Ron English. 18" x 24" Screenprint. Ed of 200 S/N. $99.99

“Little Big Mountain” by Brooks Salzwedel

Brooks Salzwedel has a new print available titled, “Little Big Mountain” via Tiny Showcase. It is an 8″ x 10″ Giclee, limited edition of 100, and cost $25. On sale now HERE.

Salzwedel little big mountain

"Little Big Mountain" by Brooks Salzwedel. 8" x 10" Giclee. Ed of 100. $25

***$250 dollars from the sale of Brooks’ artwork will be donated to It Gets Better.

“Mass Exodus” by Jefe

I’ve been running this website for over a year now and ever since the beginning, I’ve always wanted to create a print of my own. So I did! The image of this print was created with the idea of the 411posters theme in mind, as well as what this website provides you readers. Information! I hope that makes sense.

“Mass Exodus” is a 13″ x 19″ signed/numbered hand-painted piece using acrylics and stencils/spraypaint onto hand-deckled Arches Cold Pressed 300 gsm Watercolor Paper. Each piece is unique. There is a regular (Ed of 20, $55) and a gold variant (Ed of 7, $70) edition. On sale now HERE.

Jefe Mass Exodus

"Mass Exodus" by Jefe. 13" x 19" 9-layer Acrylic/Spraypaint. Ed of 20 S/N. $55

Jefe Mass Exodus close

Jefe Mass Exodus variant

"Mass Exodus" by Jefe. 13" x 19" 7-layer Acrylic/Spraypaint. Ed of 7 S/N. $70 (Gold variant)

Jefe Mass Exodus variant close

Jefe Mass Exodus full

“The Collector” by Static

Static has a new print available titled, “The Collector”. It is a 52 x 52cm 7-color Screenprint, signed/numbered edition of 50, and cost £90 ($143US). On sale now HERE.

static the collector

"The Collector" by Static. 52 x 52cm 7-color Screenprint. Ed of 50 S/N. £90 ($143US)

“Being for the Benefit of Mr. Kite” Letterpress Print

Direct from kiteprint.com:

This is a reproduction of the poster that inspired John Lennon to write the song Being for the Benefit of Mr. Kite!, which appeared on The Beatles’ 1967 album Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band. It is printed in a limited edition of 1,967.

Lennon bought the poster in an antiques shop and hung it in his music room. While writing for Sgt. Pepper one day, he drew inspiration from the quirky, old-fashioned language and set the words to music.

Every effort has been made to be true to the original poster and it is printed using the same methods that would have been used in 1843. Every single print in this limited edition is individually inked and hand-pulled on a vintage Albion press. After drying, it is numbered by hand, in pencil at the lower right in the form #/1967. Each print also comes with a hand-signed certificate of authenticity.

Printed on archival-quality paper and featuring two wood-engravings by renowned artist Andy English, this reproduction is a not only a beautiful letterpress print in its own right, but a unique and fascinating item of Beatles memorabilia. On sale now HERE.

Being for the Benefit of Mr. Kite

"Being for the Benefit of Mr. Kite" 10.75" x 19.5" Letterpress print. Ed of 1967. £245 ($390US)

2 new gig posters by Neal Williams

Neal Williams has “Swans” and “Medeski, Martin & Wood” gig posters now available. Limited edition Screenprints priced at $20 and $15 respectively. See pics below for details. On sale now HERE.

williams Swans, Atlanta GA 2012

"Swans, Atlanta GA 2012" by Neal Williams. 15" x 25" 4-color Screenprint. Ed of 120 S/N. $20

williams Medeski, Martin & Wood Fall 2012

"Medeski, Martin & Wood Fall 2012" by Neal Williams. 15" x 25" 5-color Screenprint. Ed of 250 S/N. $15

New prints by Nate Duval

Nate Duval recently added a whole bunch of new prints to his online shop. They all feature metallic gold and/or bronze inks. Shiny! See pics below for details. On sale now HERE.

duval david byrne portland or 2012

"David Byrne, Portland OR 2012" by Nate Duval. 12' x 24" 3-color Screenprint. Ed of 80 S/N. $35

duval night owl

"Night Owl" by Nate Duval. 8" x 10" 2-color Screenprint. Ed of 60 S/N. $19

duval rock paper scissors

"Rock Paper Scissors" by Nate Duval. 8" x 10" 3-color Screenprint. Ed of 60 S/N. $19

duval hooray coffee

"Hooray Coffee" by Nate Duval. 8" x 10" 2-color Screenprint. Ed of 60 S/N. $19

“Scarlett” by Grzegorz Domaradzki

Grzegorz Domaradzki created “Scarlett” as part of an ongoing Officially licensed Hasbro series from Acidfree Gallery. It is a 12″ x 36″ 5-color Screenprint with a regular (Ed of 150, $45) and variant (Ed of 82, $55) editions.
On sale Friday, October 26th at 12:30pm Eastern (9:30am PDT) HERE.

Domaradzki Scarlett

"Scarlett" by Grzegorz Domaradzki. 12" x 36" 5-color Screenprint. Ed of 150 N. $45

Domaradzki Scarlett variant

"Scarlett" by Grzegorz Domaradzki. 12" x 36" 5-color Screenprint. Ed of 82 N. $55 (variant)