Army of Darkness, Evil Dead 2, & Mondonomicon from Mondo

Direct from Mondo:

We’ve gotten quite a few e-mails asking about the remaining copies of ARMY OF DARKNESS by Randy Ortiz from the Kansas City screening back in April. We are excited to announce that we will be releasing them tomorrow wiht a few similarly themed companions.

Tomorrow, along with ARMY OF DARKNESS, we will be selling a brand new print for EVIL DEAD 2 by Jason Edmiston. Also, we will be releasing our third Mondo book, appropriately titled MONDONOMICON. This time around, instead of being only comprised of old prints and a nice leather cover (it has that, too), we have done a little something extra. Screen printed in blood-red across the backs of every print are an assortment of images from “dead” projects. No blank pages in this book. You’ll find 16 previously unused designs of which you can see some sample images of on our blog HERE. This is truly our book of the “dead.”
On sale Thursday, May 9th at a random time HERE.

ortiz army of darkness

“Army of Darkness” by Randy Ortiz. 24″ x 36″ Screenprint. Ed of 425 N. $45

edmiston evil dead 2

“Evil Dead 2″ by Jason Edmiston. 24″ x 36” Screenprint. Ed of 325 N. $45


“Mondonomicon” Cover design by Jay Shaw. 9″ x 12″ leather bound, hardcover book. Ed of 100 N. $250

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