Galerie F presents: ‘Beauty of the Beast’

Gallery Openings / Exhibitions


John Otterbacher of Officially Limited and Galerie F are pleased to present their next collaborative event. Beauty of the Beast is a small group art show centered around the theme of motorcycles and motorcycle culture, including the bikes, gangs or clubs, pinup girls and the concepts of freedom and adventure. Artists will draw from their personal experiences whether that is from being around motorcycle culture or their relationship to it from a distance through media.

Featuring screenprints and original art from over 20 international artists.

Opening Friday January 10th 2014 from 7p to 10p. Open to the public, all are welcome!

***Online sale on Monday, February 10th at around 2pm CST (12pm PST) HERE.

Sneak Peak:

galerie f beauty of the beast flames

galerie f beauty of the beast doyle

galerie f beauty of the beast DeVarney

galerie f beauty of the beast catbox

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