Win a print giveaway! (“5 Favorite Films of 1984” by Paul Shipper)

411posters is proud to announce our latest giveaway, (“5 Favorite Films of 1984” by Paul Shipper! This piece is part of an upcoming show at Bottleneck Gallery titled, It Came From 1984 opening tomorrow Friday, February 7th. More details of the show HERE.

A big thanks to Bottleneck Gallery for sponsoring this event and do check out the exhibition if you are around the area and are in the mood for some pure 80s nostalgia. Thanks Joe!
So here it is!

“5 Favorite Films of 1984” by Paul Shipper

shipper 5 Favorite Films of 1984

“5 Favorite Films of 1984″ by Paul Shipper. 11″ x 17” Giclee. Ed of 10.

How to Enter:

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This giveaway will run to the end of this week and will end on Sunday, February 9th at 11:59pm PDT. The winner will be announced the following day on Monday. Thanks!

97 thoughts on “Win a print giveaway! (“5 Favorite Films of 1984” by Paul Shipper)

  1. I love this poster. Three of my top ten films of all time, Ghostbusters, gremlins and Temple of Doom. 1984 was a great year for movies hands down.

  2. Pure awesomeness!!! If I had a time machine I would venture back to 1984, so I could experience each of these masterpieces when they first premiered in theaters.

  3. This is the perfect piece for the time. It’s like a tribute to the great movies from the time as well as an ode to the great Struzan at the same time. I really love it.

    Thank you for the opportunity to have this in the collection.

  4. Gremlins, Ghostbusters, and This is Spinal Tap among others? What an awesome movie year!! Would love to honor them with this print in my office.

    Sweep the leg Johnny!!

  5. These aren’t just five of the greatest movies of 1984. There five of the greatest movies ever. Great piece of art.

  6. Never ending story was my favorite movie that year followed by Karate kid. I really liked temple of doom too but it scared the shit out of me.

  7. At first I was excited to see Bill Murray and Pat Morita. But then when I got a glimpse of Eddie Murphy, I knew that if this were to hang above my daughter’s crib, I would feel mad safe at night knowing the powers that be looked over her.

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