2 prints by Dolk

Dolk images are interesting. In looking at his body of work, you begin to notice that in almost all of his pieces, the subjects faces are obscured by shadows, Handkerchiefs, or in the case of this new print, makeup. He is set to release 2 prints this week, “Mushroom Girl” (80×50 cm, Ed of 250, £175 $276US) and “Balaclava” (65×65 cm, Ed of 250, £175 $276US). They go on sale Tuesday September 20th HERE.

Dolk Mushroom Girl

"Mushroom Girl" by Dolk. 80x50 cm print. Ed of 250 S/N. £175 $276US)

Dolk balaclava

"Balaclava" by Dolk. 65x65 cm Print. Ed of 250 S/N. £175 $276US)

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