Weekend Features: Framed Art Phenomena 17

Framed Art Phemonena

What I give form to in daylight is only one percent of what I have seen in darkness. -M.C. Escher


ji Violet Rose furthur frames

"Violet Rose" by Sylvia Ji. Pic provided by Furthur Frames

“I have still yet to pick my jaw up off the floor after seeing this tremendous frame up. So nice! (Framed by Furthur Frames in Denver, CO.)”





"Charlotte" by Audrey Kawasaki. Pic provided by David G.

“For my first custom framed print, I wanted something that truly matched the piece since I’m going to be seeing it for a long, long time. The details on the frame – the color, the texture of the wood, the matting, the illusion of decay – complements Kawasaki’s painting perfectly. Really happy about the result and proud to share it with the world. -David G.”





limon white veil brigetteh

"White Veil" by Jason Limon. Pic provided by Bridget H.

“I chose this frame because the piece has swirly designs and I found a frame that mimicked this design. I couldn’t pick just one mat color, so I went with both!- Bridget H.”





dolk mushroom girl Christian W

"Mushroom Girl" by Dolk. Pic provided by Christian W.

“This Dolk piece illuminated under warm soft light adds to the mystique of the shadowed Mushroom Girl.”

dolk mushroom girl Christian W 2




dface going nowhere fast mad dog

"Going Nowhere Fast" by D*face. Pic provided by Mad Dog

“Framed in concave black frame, with Black and Silver double matting. Clean and fast. Nice!”

dface going nowhere fast mad dog 2




louie claire and her forest schnook student42

"Claire and Her Forest Schnook" by Travis Louie. Pic provided by "student42" from expressobeans.com

“This is awesome. The fuzzy looking mat, and hairy combed look of the frame works so well with this Louie piece.”

louie claire and her forest schnook student42 3
louie claire and her forest schnook student42 2




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