“Woven Skin in Winter’s Light” by Matt Martin

Matt Martin will have a new print available next week titled, “Woven Skin in Winter’s Light”. It is a 61cm x 43.5cm Giclee, signed/numbered edition of 60, and cost $200AUD. Large 12cm x 78.2cm editions of 10 at $850AUD each will be available as well. On sale Wednesday, April 3rd at 8am Melbourne time (Tuesday, April 2nd at 2pm PDT) HERE.

martin Woven Skin in Winter's Light

“Woven Skin in Winter’s Light” by Matt Martin. Standard 61cm x 43.5cm Giclee (Ed of 60, $200AUD) : Large 112cm x 78.2cm (Ed of 10, $850AUD)

***Those who purchase a “Woven Skin in Winter’s Light” print in the first 48 hours after release (by Friday 5th of April, 8am AEDT) will receive a complimentary Small Giclee print (approx. 29.7cm x 21cm) of “Body of the Past”.

martin Body of the Past

“Body of the Past” by Matt Martin. 29.7cm x 21cm Giclee

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