“Breakfast At Tiffany’s” by Laurent Durieux

Mondo Graphics now has “Breakfast At Tiffany’s” movie posters by Laurent Durieux available. I really think this is one of Durieux’s finest works, but honestly, I’d like to get everyone’s opinion on the price. 🙁 On sale now HERE.

“Breakfast At Tiffany’s” by Laurent Durieux. 24″ x 36″ 17-color Screenprint. Ed of 250 S/N. 900€ ($1,116)

15 thoughts on ““Breakfast At Tiffany’s” by Laurent Durieux

  1. Pure rape ! This guy at Mondo graphic is completely mad. Everything there is really really expensive. Check the website

  2. If they are not careful, guys like these are going to turn the poster collecting world into a hobby only the wealthy can afford… once they start limiting the fanbase, bye bye to the vast majority of collectors

  3. It’s definitely a missed opportunity on such a stellar piece from Durieux. Unfortunately, this is not going to be enjoyed by many people in this hobby.

    Prints being sold by galleries in excess of $1000+ is actually not that uncommon. However many of these artists that sell at that price point are done by gradually increasing the price point over time with each successful release, and also knowing your fanbase.

    The jump from averaging $55 a print to $1000 is a situation where the gallery owner did not gauge the fanbase well enough. This could have easily raised a substantial amount of money if sold as a timed edition.

  4. Laurent himself recently addressed this poster release on his FB page:

    Dear friends,
    fans and followers,

    since I have not yet officially shared my thoughts about my “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” poster release and the very bad buzz this is creating. I thought it would be good for you all to know the back story of it all. I have seen many people complaining and being infuriated by the prohibitive price tag, even pointing fingers at me like if I had any responsability in how this is being handled!

    As much as I understand everybody’s frustration, anger even and share their disbelief, I think it’s a shame people forgot about the actual cause this print was meant to be for. I would have preferred, like many of you suggested, to see this print being sold at a more affordable price as a timed edition by the “REAL MONDO”, giving everyone a chance to own a copy of the poster and ultimately grossing possibly more money in the kitty.

    Unfortunately, as I tried to talk to Sean Hepburn Ferrer about the Mondotees option, he told me he had just signed a deal with Mondo graphics. My call came too late 🙁 …

    I was not aware of this until very recently, long after I had delivered the piece. Sean had originally great plans, which had me excited about, of organizing several events in my hometown in Brussels (where his mother Audrey was born) including an exhibition, inauguration of a statue, and a charity event in which an auction would take place to sell 12 one sheet copies of my art printed in stone litho!! All of this to commemorate of the birth of Sean’s extraordinary mom here in Ixelles, Brussels, Belgium.

    Unfortunately, after many months of hard work setting eveything up, and for several reasons out of Sean’s control, the whole thing was sadly cancelled.

    Changing the poster release from 12 lithographs to a 250 screenprints being sold by Dominique Besson and his gallery in Paris at such a prohibitive price is something I don’t understand not just as a business plan but also for the fact that it antagonises the Mondo fan base completely. I guess he knows his business and client base better than me… Had I known this from day one, I would probably never agreed to take this path. There isn’t much I could have done at that point and, believe me, when Sean told me about his plan B, I knew this was coming…

    Needless to say I wish Sean and the association EURORDIS (The voice of Rare Disease Europe) http://www.eurordis.org whom he has been the ambassador for for the last 5 years, all the success and as much money as possible to be raised. The cause is worth it.

    Thank you for taking the time to read this.


    • Here what I *think* happened.

      Sean originally intended to release this poster via Mondo, but contacted the wrong Mondo company! yes? 😉

      • Not sure at…
        Mondo graphics on his facebook page said : “Cette affiche est le résultat de la collaboration entre Laurent Durieux et Sean Hepburn Ferrer, le fils d’Audrey Hepburn et un ami de longue date….”
        It means “This poster is a result of a collab between L.D and S.H, Audrey Hepburn’s son, and a long time friend…”

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