“Eternal Embrace” by Emek

Here is the latest from Prints On Wood. Unique and distinct multi-layered fine art wood print hand signed and numbered by EMEK

A first of its kind multi-layered fine art birch wood print starts with a 1/2″ wood print base that is layered with a 1/4″ custom cut to shape mosaic edge of the image. The second layer creates a visual depth to Eternal Embrace, as if you feel the depth of the souls resting on the bottom print.

Hand signed and numbered timed release ending Tuesday, March 12th at midnight PST. On sale now HERE.

Eternal Embrace
price: $150
size: 11×14 – Distinct two layered fine art wood print, hand signed and numbered by EMEK
release: 7 day timed release beginning Tuesday, March 5th at 10 am PST ending Tuesday March 12th at midnight PST

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