new online poster database! is excited to announce the release of CollectionzzDB, a free crowd sourced database and price guide for collectors of concert posters, original and alternative movie posters, and popular art!

CollectionzzDB is the discovery and research solution for a large community of collectors who, for many years, have had limited options on where they could obtain reliable and consistent information about the posters and art prints on a modern platform that serves their needs. Our designers, developers and volunteers spent over a year building CollectionzzDB, reviewing numerous suggestions and feedback from members of the Collectionzz community about how they want their database to look, operate and function. For that reason, this is truly your database. Our community told us what they wanted, and we built it.

With CollectionzzDB, collectors are able to reliably access a wealth of free information about tens of thousands of concert posters, original and alternative movie posters, and popular art prints; ranging from items nearly sixty years old to those released today. Many items in CollectionzzDB feature the best, high quality images available; and data about each particular item. Many of the items in CollectionzzDB also have an in-depth price chart and graph, with an easy to reference “Latest Sales Price” and “Price Range,” if you’re looking for a quick value, as well as a list of sales from Collectionzz, auction sites, and personal sales reported to us if you’re looking to do in-depth research.

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