“The Amazing Spider-Man (Spider-Verse) Variant Issues #9-14” by Gabriele Dell

Direct from Grey Matter Art:

Comic covers have a way of drawing you in and leaving you completely taken aback. This is how we felt when we got the first glimpse of Italian illustrator and author, Gabriele Dell ‘Otto’s epic Spider-Verse mural of The Amazing Spider-Man. Gabriele’s Spider-Verse is so grand in scope that it needed to be divided into six separate covers. It is quite breathtaking when you see all 6 variant covers lined up together, but when you see it in its entirety as a completely connected piece of artwork, it is something different altogether.

We are so pleased to announce The Amazing Spider-Man Variant Covers #9-14 by Gabriele Dell ‘Otto in one all encompassing 36 x 12 inch fine art giclee print that can be proudly displayed on your wall!

On sale Thursday, November 7th at 1pm Eastern (10am PST) HERE.

“The Amazing Spider-Man (Spider-Verse) Variant Issues #9-14″ by Gabriele Dell. 12″ x 36” Giclee. Ed of 150. $45

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