Hey 411posters readers! I’m still here! Are you? :)

Hey Readers-

I’ve been getting some emails about the current status of this blog. As all you readers, I still am very much an avid fan and collector the all things prints and posters. The poster community and everyone involved are the most kind, generous, and of course amazingly creative and talented group of individuals out there.

That said, I had to step away from regular blogging on this website since early this year due to time constraints, and once Covid-19 stuck us all, I had to further step away from the whole process itself. I myself and all those close to me thus far are fine, and I hope all you readers are safe and well.

As we get more into summer of this year, even with the uncertain and tumultuous environment we are getting into, I am hopefully planning on returning to more regular blogging once again when the time is right. In the meantime, this website will continue to be dormant, and I hope it can continue to serve as a reference for many art poster fanatics that there is some absolutely INCREDIBLE art out there created by creative and talented minds.

Be well everyone and see you all again SOON!


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