New prints and subscriptions by Anville

Anville has some new prints available as part of an ‘Obsidian’ print series. Obsidian 1 and 2 titled, “45” & “Huntress” respectively are 16″ x 20″ Screenprints, signed/numbered editions of 75, and cost $40 each. There are also hand embellished variant editions (Ed of 35, $70) of each image as well. These go on sale tomorrow Monday, March 5th HERE, however right now in the store you can pick up foil, sparkle, and laser variants for each image for $100 each shipped.

anville obsidian 45

"45" by Anville. 16" x 20" 4-color Screenprint. Ed of 75 S/N. $40

anville obsidian 45 variant

"45" by Anville. 16" x 20" 4-color Screenprint w/ hand-painted embellishments. Ed of 35 S/N. $70 (Variant)

anville obsidian huntress

"Huntress" by Anville. 16" x 20" 6-color Screenprint. Ed of 75 S/N. $40

anville obsidian huntress variant

"Huntress" by Anville. 16" x 20" 6-color Screenprint w/ hand-painted embellishments. Ed of 35 S/N. $70 (Variant)

anville obsidian foils

Foil variants

More info from the artist:
Obsidian Print Series Subscription Info

Today will be the beginning of the subscription registration, with three different packages available. The first two levels of sub owners will receive, in addition to 16 prints, an additional 16 blackline prints printed on cotton rag paper, in a very limited numbered edition (less than 25). The third and highest level of sub owners will receive all 16 regular prints, and 16 variant print in addition to the blackline prints, for a total of 48 prints. All subs include shipping prices, and I can also take a deposit for half of the sub, and the remainder before the first tube is shipped out. All numbered prints will be matching, sub owners have their pick of which number they would like out of the first 25.

There are 10 Regular Subs, 10 Variant Subs and 5 All Subs available, making 25 total.

The subscriptions will be up from now until midnight Friday, March 9th, 2012 HERE.

All variant prints will be hand-painted with white acrylic ink by me, the artist. Each one will be unique, with embellishments that differ from print to print.

Each print is printed on 100lb paper, and each print will be at least 4 colors, with the variants having some more expensive effects and which will allow me to experiment with some interesting techniques (glow in the dark inks / pearlescent inks / gloss patterns / split fountains).

The sub buyers will also receive a bonus print which is only available by buying the sub. The edition will depend on how many subs are sold (25 total subs are available).

There will be a new print every 2-3 weeks, and subscribers will receive packages containing 8 prints at a time, with the exception of the first two tubes. I expect to complete all 16 prints within the year.

Below I have added some images in progress that will be included in the series, all prints will feature various women in different surroundings, in many different eras and with an assortment of animals, buildings etc. Every 4 prints has a theme, and the themes vary to make the prints all work in the series, yet Ive tried to make each print stand on its own.

The prints will all be available individually as well on the site as they are released. I am filing all of the unsold subs into a flatfile and will probably have a few completed sets up for sale after I finish the 16 different prints. There will be issued signed COAs for subscription buyers.

The Breakdown:

anville regsub

Regular Sub - 33 Total Prints - $500 incl. shipping

anville varsub

Variant Sub - 33 Prints - $800 incl. shipping

anville allsub

All Sub - 49 Prints - $1,100 incl. shipping

“Tyto Alba” by Anville

Anville has a new print set for release today titled “Tyto Alba”. It is an 18″ x 24″ 9-color Screenprint, signed/numbered edition of 75, and cost $60. There is also a 10-color “Midnight” edition of 35 that costs $90 and a wood variant with an edition of 6.
On sale Friday, December 30th at 1pm PST HERE.

anville tyto alba

"Tyto Alba" by Anville. 18" x 24" 9-color Screenprint. Ed of 75 S/N. $60

"Tyto Alba" by Anville. 18" x 24" 10-color Screenprint. Ed of 35 S/N. $90 (Midnight variant)