Spoke Art presents: Joshua Budich in ‘Otaku Obscura’

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Spoke Art is proud to present the debut solo show of Maryland-based print artist Joshua Budich. Entitled Otaku Obscura the exhibit is a colossal tribute to the some of the greatest Japanese animated films of all time. Working within the constraints of six notable titles: Akira, My Neighbor Totoro, Neon Genesis Evangelion, Ghost in the Shell, Princess Mononoke, and Cowboy Bebop, Budich has managed to create a wide ranging and inspired homage to the diverse history of the medium.

Comprised of character portraits, reimagined locales, and notable scenes from his favorite works, Otaku Obscura is a chance for Budich to acknowledge the anime he
loves while simultaneously adding to their legacy with his own artistic interpretations.

Otaku Obscura debuts Saturday, October 4th from 6PM – 10PM, the artist will be in attendance. The exhibit will be on view through October 24th.

***Online sale on Monday, October 6th at a random time HERE.

Sneak Peak: